We’re with you
every step of the way

SEI Energy’s legacy began over 80 years
ago. Today we continue to honor that
legacy by dedicating ourselves to our customers and providing exceptional Service, Experience & Integrity
in every aspect of our business.

Energy Marketing

SEI Energy offers a full range of Natural Gas, Crude Oil, and NGL marketing and consulting services to meet the individual needs of the Producer at each stage of growth. In order to maximize value for our clients, SEI provides comprehensive long-term solutions to ensure our clients receive the best available price structure for their Natural Gas, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs).

The energy markets are among the most volatile in the world. SEI has always recognized the importance of superior information and the ability to react quickly to changes in the market. With SEI, energy marketing is no longer a mystery.

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Producer Services

At SEI Energy, our goal is to deliver every possible administrative service to our clients to enable them to focus on what they do best - Increasing Production - rather than dealing with back-office issues and managing additional support staff. To make this happen, we provide a full spectrum of support services at every stage of the process - all the way from the early stages of selecting surface locations to the final stages of production and development.

Once production begins, our highly experienced accounting and back-office team are there to help make our clients' back-office operations run smoothly and efficiently. As always, our compliance staff works hard to ensure our clients maintain proper compliance and agency reporting at every level.

Our services are fully scalable and can be customized to accommodate our clients at every stage of their growth.

Facility Operations

SEI Energy takes the headaches out of day-to-day operations by providing the manpower and knowledge necessary to efficiently and effectively manage production and facilities. Not only does SEI have the ability to operate pipelines and associated facilities, SEI can assist our clients in identifying processing and treatment solutions that can greatly enhance our clients' monthly revenue and asset value.

Gone are the days when an operator drills a well and then simply flows to the nearest pipeline or market. In today’s complex energy market it is critical to have a comprehensive operations plan that is capable of extracting the most value from the production stream.

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